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All about Pet Video Library™

Having worked with pets for many years, Pet Video Library™ was developed as a means to educate and entertain while learning about your favorite animals and to fill the demand for a quicker, more interactive and concise alternative to just paying for and reading expensive books. Engaging over 40 years of companion pet experience, Pet Video Library™ has put together a collection of breed specific and animal specific DVDs that educate and inform on over 50 top dog breeds as well as other types of pets.

As you view the collection, there are additional value segments incorporated into various titles such as the bonus feature "Interactive Basic Obedience" and "TV for Dogs", which is a canine entertainment featurette. These items and the Pet Video Library™ brand recognition with your customers places our line as the best source for pet education and entertainment for owners.

Mineo Production Co., the company behind Pet Video Library™, has over 40 years experience in the pet industry from various outlets. Frank Mineo, President of Mineo Production Co., says,"We are thrilled to offer such an exciting and revolutionary product line to the pet industry." Mineo continued by stating, "We searched for a unique pet category that would be accepted by the mass population of pet owners and prospective dog owners alike." Over two years of research and development went into the Pet Video Library™ concept before the product hit the shelves.

The Library will continue to grow, with new breeds, species and training titles to be added regularly.

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