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MATERIALS - Discover the necessary components for a successful saltwater aquarium including lighting, aquariums & stands, covers and more!

CHOOSING AN AQUARIUM - Large versus small and the best locations.

TANK ASSEMBLY - Preparation and installation pointers.

BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION - Learn the importance of establishing a natural biological filter in your aquarium (cycling).

MECHANICAL FILTRATION - Over-the-back, canister filters and other methods. Learn what's best for your aquarium.

MIXING WATER - Learn how to properly fill your tank.

DECORATIONS - View different ideas for aquascaping your tank. Learn the necessary components of aquarium decor such as hiding places, plants and rocks.

WATER CONDITIONING - Removing chlorine, chloramines and other harsh water components. Adding nitrifying bacteria and stabalizing water temperature.

ADDING FISH - Choosing "starter fish" during the cycling phase and properly adapting new fish to your tank.

FINISHING THE AQUARIUM - Learn the phases in which to add additional nitrifying bacteria and new fish as you complete your aquarium.

AQUARIUM MAINTENACE - Partial water changes, acrylic & glass care, gravel vacuuming and filter upkeep.

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